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Vendredi 5 octobre 2018

Valérie Matoïan & Juan Pablo Vita : « Textiles and gender in Ugarit »
International conference Textiles & Gender: Production to wardrobe from the Orient to the Mediterranean in Antiquity, organised by
 Mary Harlow and Cécile Michel

Maison Archéologie et Ethnologie, Nanterre (3-6 octobre 2018)
GDRI Ancient Textiles from the Orient to the Mediterranean (ATOM)

This colloquium provides the ideal setting for posing questions about possible links between textiles and issue of gender in Ugaritic society.  Here, for the first time, such an enquiry is based on the combined use of textual, archaeological and iconographic sources, to focus on human beings and on deities. The lecture will present the first results of this research, adopting an interdisciplinary and critical approach to the evidence in order to answer the question: Is it possible to move towards a sufficiently sustained general discussion of this topic, from the perspective of society, or only towards isolated explanations?

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